Why do we do what we do? And why should you get involved? Because, to tend the garden with Nature, and not to eat the apple of empty consumerism, is the real secret to life.

Modern society is moving further away from the garden and our planet is in deep trouble as a result. With everyone blinded by "Carbon Tunnel Vision" there is little time to work on actual real solutions, and thus we move quickly, rapidly assessing a site to design and build the best nature-positive solution for the community.

Working with Nature is about becoming whole again. Indeed, the origin of the word "holy" meant "whole, complete". Support us and get involved with what we do. In return we can help you and others to live a life that people who are only rich find most annoying, in that it cannot be bought with money.

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Thrive works to the advancement of humanity, working with (and not against) Nature. In helping others to live the Good Life, we seek the preservation of biodiversity and the healing of Earth. Please contact for any further information.

Mountain Farm Learning Centre
Waterfall Drive, Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Coastal Farm Retreat
Redcoat Lane, Forest Glade, Port St. Johns, Eastern Cape, South Africa

In Nature's dance we thrive and bloom,
Restoring life, dispelling gloom.
With waste transformed, we find our way,
Creating vibrant communities, day by day.